League Play

May Madness

Elementary School 

5 v 5 Basketball

at East HS Main Gym

Spring Madness

Middle School

3 v 3 Basketball

at East HS Main Gym

What a great way to see new and familiar faces from East Goshen Elementary, Fern Hill Elementary, Exton Elementary, and Glen Acres Elementary School.  This community mini-league play objective is to create a fun, safe, friendly, healthy, competitive environment for your kids. Each session will consist of a half hour warm up team practice followed by a 1 hour game and competitive activities (dribble relay, shooting games,etc...)
3 vs.3 league play shows off many skills and knowledge of the game.  Players can be grouped week to week with friends or balanced out to make game play more competitive.   The middle school mini-league play objective is to get students playing in a positive social competitive environment. Each session will consist of shoot around, 3 v 3 competition, and shooting contests for prizes.

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